CLAWDIA, what's HORNPOT's weakness?? — ablationcascadeからの質問

Hornpot, what's Clawdia's weakness? Can you show us? :) — maxblackrabbitからの質問

I love the character in your header. Is there more of them somewhere? — sonidzeroからの質問

You can watch more then in this URL.(ー▽ー

Do Hornpot and Clawdia like cute things secretly? — bubblegum-virusからの質問

Probably, Clawdia like more cute things than Hornpot.

Your Art enjoy my day! Your women are breaking my head :D — sylversnaperからの質問

Thanks, I’m glad! My head are broken by them, too.haha



hornpot you spin me round round — 匿名からの質問

i'm a huge clawdia fan and a huge fan of the style you put in your art in general! it's just got such raw strength and energy to it and i love it, keep up the good work! — jetgreguarからの質問

Oh, Thank you! I got a energy to draw from your message, too! (>▽< 

can you draw she-hulk play basketball with me as a ball? — 匿名からの質問

Onsokumaru says in this way today.

Have a good day! — kriegphychoからの質問

「Motts (for zackagardner)」
Motts is a character made by zackagardner
It&#8217;s interesting by a unique character design.(>▽<

「Motts (for zackagardner)」
Motts is a character made by zackagardner
It’s interesting by a unique character design.(>▽<

Hey, if you wanna draw boobs all the time you go right ahead. Don't let nobody hold you back! <3 — 匿名からの質問

Haha, thanks! Don’t worry, it is difficult as  let me hesitate about it as not give a child cola.(ー▽ー

I don't know what jorjenz was talking about. Draw whatever you want. You're good at what you do, just have fun with it. — 匿名からの質問

Thank you for message. I may understand that he talk about. I had some such ways of thinking before. But I learned that I could draw attractive artwork by the opening of the heart  from experience. As one answer, I made a site for adults.

Other than this as usual.(ー▽ー

It was weird watching you get advice, considering I always thought of you as being on a higher level than other Japanese artists. — wotsandからの質問

I’m too glad that you think so. But, I belong to unique one rather than a high level one in Japan. I don’t still regret it. Then, there are few offers of the work in Japan.haha(ー▽ー;

But, I got some offers thanks to tumblr. Thanks for your watching  my tumblr!

I really like your art. I hope you keep doing what you are doing! I like your style and I want to see it evolve and become better. Your art always makes me smile when I see it. Do you have a print (single picture) shop, or only your comics? I like your art but I can't read Japanese. Have a good day! — 匿名からの質問

Oh, thanks! I’m glad to your message! Now, My comics is sold by alice-books. But This comics language is in Japanese. However,  I am active in various ways to enjoy my comics in English. Then I will announce it in tumblr, could you wait for me?(ー▽ー;