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Oh! it’s “a girl having a camera” I drew on my sketchbook! Thank you for your wonderful artwork! (o▽o

「東方ディスコゲーム TOHO Disco Game」

…例大祭11「BlackDwarf(I24b)」の新刊のサンプルです。とらのあなとAliceBooksにて予約が始まりました! It’s a sample of “TOHO Disco Game”. This Dojinshi starts sale by Reitaisai11. The reservation of this Dojinshi are begining in ToranoAna and Alice Books.


The overseas shipment is possible in AliceBooks site.

「天龍と龍田 Tenryu & Tatuta」(艦これより)

「天龍と龍田 Tenryu & Tatuta」(艦これより)

「赤い目の少女の後ろ姿 the backshot of the girl with red eyes 」

「赤い目の少女の後ろ姿 the backshot of the girl with red eyes 」

The coolest ninja! — meidogaiからの質問

"Thanks!" He said.(ー△ーニンニン

I wanna see a picture of your face! I bet you look cute! — 匿名からの質問

OMG! I have been kept to the bad ninja. I like a rice!

i really like Spagettimeatsouce and Zakuri! Do you have more art or a comic about them somewhere? o: — 匿名からの質問

Thank you! Yes, I have three comics of Spagettimeatsouce, but not uploaded, because not translated. It takes time, but intends to upload it sometime. 

In the case of a new comicwork of Spagettimeatsouce, I appear with the Dojinshi.

In any case, please check my blog, Then I am glad!(^ω^

「トンカツもぐもぐ eating a Tonkatsu」

「トンカツもぐもぐ eating a Tonkatsu」

Yes, you too! — incredibleendsからの質問

Oh! thank you!(♯O▽O♯

Your art is wonderful and you are wonderful. c: — incredibleendsからの質問

Thank you! …. Me too?! (゚ロ゚;))三((;゚ロ゚)